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You Won’t Believe How The Charleston Shooter Was Caught

The man who killed nine people in Charleston’s historic church was caught Thursday morning thanks to a brave woman. Debbie Dills was driving her car when she noticed a familiar black Hyudai. She then recognized the driver, the 21-year-old Dylann Storm Roof, in Shelby, North Carolina, and immediately called for help.

The part-time minister of music at a Baptist Church then followed the suspect’s vehicle and checked the licence plate for the police to confirm it was, indeed, the person they were looking for. Upon confirmation, the suspect’s car was pulled over and he was arrested.

Dills claims she was prepared to die. As a minister, she spends a lot of time in church and was there on the night of the shooting, so she could have easily been killed. She does not, however, feel like a hero, and believes God helped her identify the killer.

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