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Most Dangerous Schools In The United States

What we see in the media is quite different from reality. With all the highly-publicized shootings and incidents in schools across America, you would think we are living in an age of carnage when in fact the school yards have never been safer. Still, this does not mean that there are no dangerous schools and that there is no room for further improvement.

The following schools have been deemed the most dangerous in America.

Abraham Lincoln High School in Philadelphia is definitely one of the least safe high schools in the country with parents, students and teachers alike claiming that the school is getting more violent and scary with each month that passes. It is one of the rare schools in the country that has made the list of persistently dangerous schools ever since the list was introduced in 2006.

DeWitt Clinton High School in New York is a high school in the Bronx which held the title of being the “most heavily armed” school in the country in 2010. The things have gone to such extent when it comes to aggravated assaults and the amount of weaponry found during screenings that the school was almost closed for good.

South Philadelphia High School is another Philly school that made the list and it is notorious for racial violence and bullying which is pretty much rampant around the school. For instance, in a period of 5 years, there were more than 530 assaults reported in the school.

Harper High School is located in the notorious Englewood neighborhood in Chicago and perhaps it is no wonder that it also made the list. Fights between students and assaults on teachers are almost common in this school. The real problem is the gun violence which does not necessarily happen on school property but which often involves students that attend the school.

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