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You Don’t Want To Get Caught Speeding In These Places


WalletHub has done another interesting and revealing report concerning how strict they are in enforcing reckless driving and speeding laws. They really did their homework, studying the laws, as well as the ways in which the local authorities enforce these laws.

The strictest state is Colorado, followed by Arizona, Delaware and Illinois who share the second to fourth spot. New Mexico is at #5 while Virginia, Iowa, Massachusetts, Alabama and District of Columbia round off the top 10.

Texas is the most lenient state which most probably does not come as a surprise considering they have the most lax speed limits in the country. Utah, South Dakota, Pennsylvania and Mississippi are the next most lenient states.

The report came with additional interesting findings. For instance, seventy-five percent of states have speed limits that are “absolute” which means that 25 percent of states in America have laws which leave you some wiggle room, meaning that the offender can argue in court the speed they were driving at was actually reasonable.

The cost of reckless driving tickets also vary greatly from state to state. For instance, in New Mexico, Kentucky and Mississippi, the ticket will set you back just $100 while in Washington, you will need to fork over $5,000. In addition to this, some states also have special fines for “aggressive driving”, a particularly dangerous form of reckless driving.

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