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You Can Visit History In Nevada

Go to Nevada’s Valley of Fire State Park and look at its rocks. This is a way to really can see history. About 150 million years old, this incredible landscape is the result of ancient, shifting sand dunes, and erosion dating to the time of dinosaurs.

The red sandstone formations that give the park its name seem to alight at the light of the sun, shining with every shade of red there is. The 1.5-mile round-trip to the Fire Wave, above, is a very popular hike in the area.

Springtime brings breath-taking desert blooms to the park’s 34,000 acres with desert mallow, marigold and indigo bush among the flowering plants. The park’s rocks have borne witness to more than the passage of time, indeed: Many are marked with 3,000-year old Native American petroglyphs, and you can see it all.

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