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Will You Be Groped By A Criminal Before Your Next Flight? Probably


It just may be so that a criminal is going to be taking care of your upcoming preflight checks, or perhaps a criminal is going to handle your baggage. This conclusion comes after media revealed that US airports do not perform daily security screenings of the employees. In short, once an employee manages to pass the initial background check, they can move freely around airports and access all parts of the airport.

This was made public in form of a question by the chairman of a House Homeland Security subcommittee, Rep. John Katko to which the FBI’s deputy assistant director of counterterrorism, Gary Perdue said, “That is correct from my knowledge”.

This particular hearing came after a number of airport security breaches at Atlanta airport, including a gun smuggling ring which operated through one of the busiest airports in the US. A Delta baggage handler was involved in the operation, making sure the guns pass through security without a hitch.

CNN discovered that only two major airports in the entire country do regular screenings with the metal detectors on all of their employees who have secure access – Orlando International Airport and Miami International Airport. In addition to this, the Miami airport also checks for criminal background of their employees randomly after hiring them.

The question remains why other airports in the country are not doing this and why this is not regulated better? It is as if we had not had any security problems and more in this country because of lax airport security measures.

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