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Why You Should Visit Savannah In The Fall


Savannah is a treat any time of the year, there is no doubt about that. It is as quirky as it is charming and it grows on you quicker than any other place in the U.S. Most people visit Savannah in the summer and there are great reasons why this is so. However, a fall visit to this beautiful Southern city has just as much to offer, if not even more.

For one, the weather becomes a bit cooler and the evenings are crisper. This makes for the perfect time of the year to take a walk up and down Savannah, enjoying all those landmarks in the perfect walking weather. Also, the crowds are gone and it is all much less touristy.

Fall is also the time when food is extra great in Savannah. ‘Tis the season of oyster, shrimp, pumpkin and squash. And if there is a city that knows how to do all of these, it is Savannah. Everywhere you turn, there is a delicious meal to be enjoyed, made from seasonal, ridiculously fresh ingredients.

Autumn is also the time when Savannah’s festival season begins. Just to name a few, you can enjoy the Savannah Film Festival, the Tybee Island Pirate Fest, Savannah Jazz Festival and the Rock ‘n’; Roll Savannah Marathon. There is even an Oktoberfest going down in Savannah in, well, October; complete with wiener dog races. Beat that.

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