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Where To Find Bigfoot

The Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization (GCBRO) is convinced that not only is Bigfoot real, it can be found scattered across America. Apparently, there are as many as 30,000 creatures from the Pacific Northwest and across the South from Texas to Georgia.

Jim Landsdale, co-founder of the GCBRO, shared some of the best places in the country to spot Bigfoot.

“Monster Central”

The so-called “Monster Central,” spanning about 1500 acres, 30 miles south of Shreveport Louisiana, is on Landsdale’s property, where he first saw Bigfoot 20 years ago and where the GCBRO does many of their hunts.

Northwest Louisiana

The Toledo Bend Reservoir, on the Sabine River between Texas and Louisiana near the city of Natchitoches, is a prime area for Bigfoot sightings, sometimes generating two reports a month.

East Texas

Five months ago a GCBRO group saw five young creatures in the area in one single day.

Southeast Oklahoma

The Kiamichi Mountains is where a GCBRO member that owns 40 acres in the area claims to get Bigfoot visits around his cabin. The creatures are said to be especially aggressive.


The GCBRO says they receive anywhere from three to five reports a week from up and down the river and its tributaries in the Mississippi Wildlife Management Area (WMA).


This area is best known for the Fouke Monster, aka “Southern Sasquatch,” near the town of Fouke in Miller County, Arkansas. A book and numerous films have been made, based on this legend.

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