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Visit New Orleans For Its Amazing Bars

You can visit a city for a number of reasons – its history, its culture, its food, the lifestyle, the sights. And while New Orleans has all of these, one of the best reasons why you should visit this incredible city are its bars which rank among the best in the entire country.

For instance, there is Bar Tonique, half cocktail bar, half a simple dive bar. It is totally unassuming, unpretentious and yet it offers one of the most extensive cocktail lists in the South, all mixed to perfection by their bartenders.

Bacchanal Wine is a truly special place, the hidden gem of NoLa; a small, rundown place that used to sell only wine (they offer cocktails these days, too). You buy your wine inside and then go out back and sit on the lawn furniture, with a plate of insanely good food you got with your wine. The resident jazz band is fantastic and you can smell the River in the air.

Arnaud’s French 75 is a really old school kind of bar, with staff still wearing white tuxedos and black bow ties. Its wood furniture has been smoked over the decades and it is run by Chris Hannah, arguably the finest barkeeper in the city.

If you are looking for something less fancy, then you can check out The Saint Bar and Lounge. It’s always crowded, loud and things are happening. The drinks are really cheap, the crowd is wild and it almost promises a great night out.

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