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Visit Alabama’s Wildest River – Little River

In the northeastern corner of the state Alabama, nothing like its sunny Gulf Coast beaches, there’s an intense adventure with wild water, hiding and waiting for the brave.

It is the Little River. Its name is quite deceiving, though. This river managed to carve out one of the deepest canyons east of the Mississippi River. Many tributaries and creeks that make up the river have the unusual ability and habit of flowing on top of the mountain. The Little River follows a winding course atop Lookout Mountain from Georgia into Alabama. At its highest point, the river stands 1,900 feet above sea level. It is the best white water in the South in the Little River Canyon National Preserve, and suits rafters and kayakers heavenly.

However, should know that they don’t call its most harrowing stretch ‘the Suicide Section’ because they feel like it. Its rapids are for experts only. If you want to witness the nature’s force at its best, take a selfie near Little River Falls while you’re there picnicking.

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