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Visit A Coastal Paradise In Connecticut


Come to Connecticut to taste the beauty of coastal paradise. Casting off into the Long Island Sound, the 800 acres of Bluff Point State Park Coastal Reserve are the last that remain untouched along the Connecticut coast. It is a true hiker’s heaven.

This peninsula is accessible only by foot, as its reserve status does not allow for motorized vehicles on land. But not to worry – the loop from the parking lot to Bluff Point and back is less than four miles and suitable for novice, beginner-level hikers.

Walking along the path, hikers can see vegetation and wildlife change as they move through forests, grasslands, wetlands and other natural habitats. At the end of the peninsula, plant life becomes visibly sparse because of the heavy winds. That same wind has been working in combination with the water for years, eroding and shaping Bluff Point’s narrow beach.

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