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Two Students Shot Outside A Maryland High School


Just yesterday we were talking about how high schools in America are actually getting safer and safer while the media makes everyone think it has all gone downhill and today we come to you with news of a two students getting shot outside a public high school in Frederick, Baltimore.

The shooting occurred Wednesday night outside a school where a basketball game was played.  Richard Hetherington, Captain of the Frederick Police told that the wounds they sustained were not life-threatening but he did not share the gender or the ages of the two students.

The incident took place at around 8 p.m. while the basketball game was still played and the spectators, mostly parents rushed outside to see what was happening. The police came over almost immediately and took the 200 spectators to the cafeteria where they questioned them.

Frederick County Public Schools officials later tweeted that other students and the staff of the school were safe and accounted for. The high school in question has around 1,300 students altogether and the district informed everyone that classes would not be held on Thursday.

Sofia McCluskey, a junior at the school heard muffled shots and screams, “Yo, they’re shooting” Her friend Stephanie Sanchez added that she was extremely frightened at the time, ” I was, like, shaking the whole time. I still am”.

Up until today, no arrests were made although the Frederick police department has assigned everyone in the department to find the shooters.

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