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Top US Cities Foreign Governments Warn Tourists About


The US State Department has an entire system established to analyze and interpret the information that comes from foreign countries and according to which it then issues travel warnings and tips for US citizens who travel aboard.

Well, it seems that other countries do this as well and there are quite a few cities in America that foreign tourists are warned about by their own government. The following warnings mostly come from French sources, although other countries have contributed as well.

For instance, in Boston, walking at night in Mattapan, Roxbury and Dorchester is not advised, while tourists are warned about petty crimes in the North End, Chinatown and Fenway. As far as New York is concerned, tourists are warned not to go to the Bronx, Central Park and Harlem at night, while they should hold on tight to their belongings at the Statue of Liberty and in Times Square.

Southeast and Northeast Washington should be avoided while Union Station is considered to be dangerous at night. The most interesting is the warning about Anacostia where French tourists are not advised to go day or night. Richmond comes with a warning that it should not be visited on foot, while Baltimore is considered to be unsafe apart from downtown Baltimore.

There are plenty warnings about pretty much all major US cities, but the Mayor of Cleveland Heights, Edward Kelly is particularly upset about the French warning their citizens about avoiding parts of the city such as Lakewood, Cleveland Heights and Euclid.

What do you think, do the French know what they’re talking about?

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