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Top Clubs And Bars In Atlanta

Atlanta’s fierce nightlife scene offers a list of gin dens, great underground lounges, gastro pubs and dive bars to enjoy.

The Argosy

The Argosy, an appealing gastro pub, opened in February 2013 in a former flea market, and underwent its own changes before conjuring some of the neighborhood’s old mojo. It has become a great, casual hangout for the neighborhood, best known for the beer selection and a perfect spot for having a pint while watching hipster mating rituals.

Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium

Former-seminarian-turned-folk-artist Grant Henry opened a Ping-Pong parlor in a half-empty stretch of Edgewood Avenue. He doubled down on the gamble by covering the exposed brick walls with irreverent Jesus paintings credited to his alter ego, Sister Louisa. On Wednesdays, the don choir robes for Church Organ Karaoke, while epic table-tennis showdowns happen nightly. Sister Louisa’s has assisted in at least one miracle – bringing a lifeless business district back from the dead. Not bad.

The Sound Table

The Sound Table takes understated sophistication to extremes. The Scandinavian minimalism of the interior (blond-wood banquettes and clutter-free walls) suggests a chilled vibe that might border on cold, but only if there were not for the gracious staff – or the crowded dance floor. Before the midnight revelry, the Sound Table serves stylish cocktails and small dishes inspired by “international street food”. DJs keep the beats fresh and lively, ranging from soulful funk 45s and Afro house to experimental electronic dance music, a feast for Table dancers.

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