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Top 21 Small Cities In Washington

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3. Poulsbo

As stated on its website, Poulsbo has a completely unique and different history from its neighboring communities. Unlike other small towns and cities in the local area, this small city was founded by Norwegian settlers. In fact, the city’s nickname is “Little Norway.”

Residents are clearly still proud of their Norwegian heritage, as evidenced by the fact that Norwegian flags can be found throughout the downtown area and old seafaring traditions from centuries gone by are still celebrated at Liberty Bay.

While Poulsbo itself was not pioneered until Norwegian settlers came into the area, there were once thriving Suquamish villages and camps in the local region. One glimpse of the surrounding countryside reveals why people find this area such a wonderful place to live.

The nearby snow-peaked Olympic Mountains not only provide beautiful vistas but are also an excellent source of water for the entire area. The Native Americans in the area hunted in the nearby forests and floodplains, fished in the streams and bay area and collected the abundant shellfish that can be found along the marine shoreline.

Bringing in supplies from other areas was never a problem; early Poulsbo residents brought in needed items by either rowboat or steamboat. In turn, water transport was used to deliver farmer’s produce to market buyers in Seattle.

Poulsbo may not have a great deal to offer when it comes to ultra-modern and latest conveniences, but it does enjoy a close community that values friendship and a rich cultural heritage. People who place greater priority on these aspects than what modern society has to offer will find Poulsbo the ideal place to live.

There are presently only 9,585 residents living in this small city, which is known for its scenic beauty and safe and secure environment. Poulsbo is home to a number of art galleries, specialized food shops, unique restaurants and the town’s very own home-made bread, aptly called “Poulsbo handmade bread”.

Tourists flock to this area on a regular basis to see the restored, historic downtown area, shop in the marketplace and meander through the city’s beautiful parks, marinas and bay area.

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