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Top 21 Small Cities In North Carolina

16. Wake Forest, NC: Where The Sun Always Shines
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3. Wake Forest, NC: Where The Sun Always Shines

Travel north of Raleigh and you will come across a little spot of recreational paradise called Wake Forest. The city may be small, but is is rapidly growing as Forbes has listed the town as “one of the fastest growing suburbs in America” as the population grew from 13,080 in the year 2000 up to 22,651 in 2006.

It isn’t much of a surprise about the population growth. Wake Forest appeals to the young and old alike in the many amenities found within its boundaries. Stroll along the streets and you will find something to do here as you can buy fresh produce from the Farmer’s Market, find some entertainment at The Factory Mall, or visit one of the many museums when you are looking for a bit of culture.

Get outside to enjoy the 26,000 acres at Fall Lakes State Recreational Area to enjoy a barbecue, play some sports, go mountain biking or simple sit back in the wonderful weather as claimed by Movoto Real Estate.

Wake Forest was the birthplace of Wake Forest College back in 1834 before it moved to Winston-Salem, as you can visit the original building and memorabilia. If you are wondering about why there are so many churches in Wake Forest, the city began in 1832 when the North Carolina Baptist Convention wanted to start an educational institution to train future ministers there.

To further the growth of the city and make it easier to get to the college, the city had the train depot moved to Wake Forest. When the college relocated, the North Carolina Baptist Convention moved its new seminary to Wake Forest. The town continued to thrive when new businesses set up in the city such as the Royall Cotton Mill, states the Town of Wake Forest.

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