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Top 21 Small Cities In North Carolina

17. Boone, NC: The City Of Daniel Boone
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2. Boone, NC: The City Of Daniel Boone

You can’t grow up without hearing tales of the pioneer and frontiersman Daniel Boone who trail-blazed his way across the countryside. It is often said that he occasionally camped in the city of Boone, which is how the city got its name. Every year since 1952, a dramatization of the life of the settlers and Daniel Boone is performed in an outdoor amphitheater for visitors of all ages, as stated by the Town of Boone.

The city of Boone is the county seat of Watagua County as it has a current population of 17,100 people. Residing along the Blue Ridge Mountains, the city of Boone was named one of the “10 Best Places To Retire in the United States” in 2012 by US News.

Despite the town having historical roots that helped shaped the country as it is today, the city of Boone has still kept its quaint, small city appeal. It attracts visitors from all over the United States due to its four-season playground of recreational activities – as tourists can find some type of event and entertainment during every season of the year.

As an outdoor adventure destination, people can find something to do along the mountain ridges or within the city itself to make them visit year after year, according to the Town of Boone. The city has a Greenway Trail to enjoy nature and three parks for picnics, barbecues and sports called Junaluska Park, Boone Jaycee Park and North Street Park.

If you are planning on a visit to Boone, be aware of the temperature as it is normally cooler than other North Carolina towns. In the summer, temperatures may only reach up to 76 degrees Fahrenheit while winters are colder than other North Carolina regions, advises the Town of Boone.

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