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Top 21 Reasons Montreal Is Better Than Toronto

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2. Liberal Drinking Laws

Montreal is a European-style city and Europeans love their alcohol. That is why it is legal to drink in public in Montreal, as long as you’re eating something, too. This is in stark contrast to Toronto, where even drinking in bars is illegal after 2 am.

Though Montreal is definitely more open-minded than Toronto when it comes to alcohol and fun, you should know that both cities have some really weird laws concerning booze. For instance, as we already said, you can drink in public in Montreal, but you have to consume a proper meal with your alcoholic beverage. You also have to eat your meal and drink your booze in an area of the park that has picnic tables. The law’s the law.

However, when compared to Toronto, Montreal does seem like heaven on earth. You can legally drink in Montreal at 18 years of age whereas you have to wait one year longer to have some beer in Toronto (even though you can legally serve alcohol at the age of 18). For this reason, hundreds and hundreds of young Torontonians celebrate their 18th birthdays in the lovely Montreal.

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