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Top 17 Small Cities In Ohio

3. Blue Ash

Another wonderful small city in the Buckeye State, Blue Ash takes our number 15 spot for many reasons including it’s gorgeous weather and many interesting amenities. Located in Hamilton County, Ohio the city is located just to the South of Cincinnati and considered one of the larger city’s innermost suburbs.

Wikipedia shows that Blue Ash also has a rich history within the state of Ohio and the area that it currently sits on was first settled way back in 1791. Since those earlier days the city has come to settle on 7.59 square miles of pure, Midwestern land and in 2012 was home to an estimated 12,106 residents.

Neighborhood Scout revealed that the city of Blue Ash is also home to some of the most expensive real estate in the Buckeye State and could be considered mostly white collar. But that does not mean the city isn’t diverse.

Neighborhood Scout went on to show that resident’s of Blue Ash work largely in management occupations, as teachers, in sales and as part of office or administrative support. If you are an educated individual with a bachelors degree or higher you’ll feel right at home in Blue Ash as over 56 percent of the residents here currently hold a BA or higher as well.

The current per capita income in Blue Ash is relatively high when compared to the rest of the state of Ohio and the nation at $44,323 in 2010. This puts the average family of 4’s annual income in 2012 at around $177,292.

Wikipedia also covers cultural activities in Blue Ash and states that the city is home to two incredible summer events annually, the “Red, White and Blue Ash” and “Taste of Blue Ash” events. Movoto Real Estate went on to add that with an average summer temperature of 73 degrees, a great air quality score of 41 (lower is better) and your choice of over 2,300 businesses to patron and you have got a recipe for a great place to live.

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