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Top 21 Small Cities In Georgia

3. Richmond Hill

Located in Bryan County, Richmond Hill has a population of 9,281, according to the 2010 US Census. The city maintains its small town charm, but several entertainment and retail options exist nearby, giving the city the perfect mix of amenities and atmosphere.

The city is well noted for its phenomenal seafood as well, being that it is located in close proximity to both Savannah and the Atlantic Ocean. Crimes rates are very low in Richmond Hill, with none reported for the first quarter of 2014 according to Trulia.

Major industries in Richmond Hill include the banking, transportation, medical and food service industries. The city government is also among the major employers in the area. Unemployment in Richmond Hill is currently 7.4 percent, which aligns perfectly with the state’s average.

City planners work diligently to bring attractive, fun and family friendly events to Richmond Hill year round. For example, the Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival has been held annually in Richmond Hill since 1985. The city also maintains several public recreational outlets, including the Boles Community Park.

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