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Top 21 Small Cities In Georgia


A casual reference to the state of Georgia will often conjure images of sprawling metropolitan areas like Atlanta and Augusta. But while the state’s capital and its second largest city are really busy and bustling areas enjoyed by millions, the state of Georgia is large and features several smaller – and perhaps lesser known areas – with a great deal of southern hospitality and charm.

While the state features attractive larger municipalities, the state is chock-full of smaller, family-friendly communities that are both picturesque and safe. Here you’ll learn about 21 of the top small cities all across the state of Georgia.

1. Dallas

Located in Paulding County, one of Georgia’s fastest growing areas (according to the city’s official website), the city of Dallas has a population of 11,544, according to the 2010 US Census report. Founded in 1854, Dallas was recently recognized as a “Certified City of Ethics” by the Georgia Municipal Association.

The 2014 unemployment rate in Dallas is just 6.4 percent, significantly lower than the state’s average. Education is among its top industries, and the Paulding County School District educates about 19,000 students annually.

The city offers its residents several fun and family friendly events. The city maintains popular local parks, such as the Sara Babb Park and the Coleman Camp Park which feature several miles of walking trails along with picnic tables and outdoor grills. Other features of area parks include swimming pools, biking trails, lighted tennis and volleyball courts as well as baseball or softball fields. The Silver Comet Trail is located, in part, in the Dallas area; it is an incredibly popular walking, 61.5 mile long paved trail used by local cyclists and runners.

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