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Top 17 Cities To Move To In Australia

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3. Mackay, Queensland

Mackay is located along the coast of Queensland, making it a desirable location for beach lovers and surfers. There is, of course, more to Mackay than just the beach. The popular local Festival of the Arts and the River Sessions music festival are held here every year.

There are also plenty of sights to see, such as the Gateway to the Pioneer Valley, the Mackay Marina Village, the Bluewater Trail, and more. Located on the Queensland coast, this is a city with plenty of things happening for children to enjoy.

There are lots of educational and fun local attractions, such as the Bluewater Trail, the Festival of the Arts, the Mackay Marina Village, the Gateway to the Pioneer Valley, 19 heritage sites, and the musical River Sessions Festival. The town is known for its high quality public schools, too.

The economy of Mackay is strong, and can be divided into five sections: mining, retail, sugar, tourism, and marine. Mackay has a thriving coal mining industry, and is actually the largest coal reserve in Australia. The town exports much of this coal to the rest of Australia, as well as some international exportation.

As far as the retail industry, Mackay has three large shopping centers, with hundreds of stores between them. This is a place where people come to shop, and the jobs are there for those who want to work in the retail sector. Sugar has been grown in Mackay since the 19th century, and the town still produces over 180,000 tons of it a year, according to

The tourism and marine industries are smaller than the other three, but no less important to the town. Most tourists come to see the natural attractions of the area. Being on a coast line makes Mackay an obvious choice for the marine industry. Right now, its main stake in that industry is in the form of yacht repair.

Anyone who wants to live in Mackay will likely find plenty of job opportunities in all of these areas, making it an economically developing, but strong city.

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