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Top 17 Cities To Move To In Australia

17. Launceston, Tasmania

Launceston is a highly desirable location in Tasmania. It has a very high quality of life and is totally family-friendly. In fact, it is often referred to as the most family-friendly city in Australia.

It is easy to see why. Its crime levels are among the lowest in the country. There is easy access to health care anywhere in the city. Housing is affordable, the education available is of high quality, unemployment is low, and average incomes are high.

Residents are engaged with the community and what goes on in it, there are lots of outdoor recreational facilities, as well as terrific kid-friendly entertainment, such as the local water park and planetarium. This is the Holy Grail of family-friendly cities in Australia, and one that is a well-kept local secret.

The city has been settled by Europeans since 1806, making it one of the oldest European cities in Australia. It has also been the scene of many Australian “firsts.” According to the Launceston City Council, among the “first” distinctions that belong to Launceston are being the first city in Australia to have underground sewers and the first to be powered by hydroelectricity. It was also the place where anesthetic was first used to perform surgery in the southern hemisphere.

Today, tourism is the main industry in Launceston, and much of that tourism comes in the form of people who want to explore its historical landmarks and experience its exceptional cultural offerings.

The Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery is here, as is the Launceston Tramway Museum, the Don River Preservation Railway, and Australia’s oldest bookstore, A.W. Birchall& Sons, which has been in continuous operation at its original site since its opening in 1844. Launceston has a lot to offer everyone, but it is really made for families. This is the place to move if you’re looking for that picture perfect white picket fence style of living for your spouse and children.

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