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Top 17 Cities To Move To In Australia


Australia is known for being one of the friendliest countries in the world. It is also a wildlife haven and a country that prides itself on being environmentally friendly and protecting of all the unique things that call the continent home.

The cities in Australia range from large metropolises to tiny rural towns with only a few hundred people eking out an existence in them, far away from any major services. Where you live in Australia all depends on your own personal and family preferences.

However, there are some Australian cities that are generally recognized as being particularly excellent places to live and/or visit. Here are the top 17 of these cities.

1. Gold Coast, Queensland

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Gold Coast had the most growth of any city in Queensland in 2013. Gold Coast is a highly populated non capital city in Australia, with approximately 600,000 people residing there. It is about an hour from Brisbane by car.

While Brisbane may be a major metropolitan area, Gold Coast has something it doesn’t have….a genuine beach. In fact, Gold Cost is chock full of beaches. Being located on the eastern coast of Queensland, this is a city that is located not near the beach, but directly on the beach. This makes it paradise to a lot of people who love beach living.

The weather in Gold Cost is mild, so the beaches can be used year-round. There is also a lot of sunshine to be had in this city, and not much rain. Anytime you want to go to the beach, it will probably be available to you. Rare are the times when the beaches in Gold Coast are closed.

Of course, there are other things in Gold Coast besides the beach. The city is surrounded by mountains and national parks, which provide spectacular views from town, and good opportunities to go exploring. There are also some theme parks in Gold Coast that are worth visiting for kids and adults alike. In fact, much like Orlando is the theme park capital of the United States, Gold Coast has this distinction for Australia.

There is a Wet n’ Wild there, as well as a Sea World. There is also the popular Dreamworld, along with White Water World, and Movie World. The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is nearby for those who love wildlife and nature, too. Gold Coast is known for its laid-back atmosphere and boisterous nightlife.

It’s a terrific place to bring children to visit, and an ideal location to live for single adults who are still into partying.

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