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Top 16 US Cities You Never Knew Had High Apartment Rents

People know that living in Manhattan, New York or San Francisco, California can be expensive. But who could have ever guessed at how much people are spending to rent an apartment in the city of Williston, North Dakota? We have gathered the top 16 cities where monthly rent is exorbitant even though you might not have expected the rent to be so high.

Why is it expensive in these cities? There may be several reasons such as the economy, high food prices, large populations, and high transportation costs that make living in the area a real pain on your wallet. Rental numbers below are for an average one-bedroom apartment and are subject to change based on the current real estate market trends.

1. Portland, Oregon: Monthly Rent – $1,100

You will have to open your pocketbook and shell out a large fee for rent in Portland, Oregon. The neighborhoods of Alameda and King are considered the most expensive places in the city.

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