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Top 21 Surprisingly Cheap Cities In The US

4. Jonesboro, Arkansas

If you’re touring the US up and down and riding the Cash Highway, you might notice that you’ll be spending a lot of money on the way. However, if you end up in Jonesboro, you’ve made a terrific choice – you really, really don’t need a whole lot of cash there. Pretty much everything you can think of has a price tag that is well below average, including food, drinks, small appliances, utilities, and apartments.

Even the trip to the doctor, a thing many people dread because of both the horrors of going to the doctor and the bill you will have to pay afterward, ends up being relatively cheap. A dental checkup in Jonesboro will cost you 28% less than the national average while a trip to the optometrist is 27% cheaper than what you will find anywhere else in the US. If you find a place to do it cheaper, by all means, do let us know.

The cost of living is about 13.3% below what is average in the US while the median home value stands at $135,000. The average family income is slightly less than $40,000, which is more than enough to get you almost anything in this small city.

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