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Top 21 Small Cities In Pennsylvania

3. Elizabethtown

This small town is located to the Southeast of Harrisburg, PA by about 21 miles. This small town is nicknamed e-town and only has a population of about 11,545. This town has a deep history with records going back all the way to 1795. According to City Data, the crime rate here in 2012 was 126.4.

While this may seem a little high, it is actually quite low compared to the US average for the year of 293.3 as the higher the number the more crime there is.

If you are looking for a town that is designed for families then this is it. The city website talks of the parks in the area saying “the Borough maintains two parks: Community Park and Hickory Lane Park. Community Park features basketball courts, the Fun Fort, numerous swings and other playground equipment for children, an amphitheater, and baseball field.

Community Park has four pavilions equipped with grills and electricity that may be rented from the Borough.” Even if your idea of a nice afternoon is visiting a local mill or farm, there are several options for you to choose from.

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