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Top 21 Cities For Senior Citizens To Live In

3. Denver, Colorado

For the outdoor lover, Denver has plenty of benefits. But, surprisingly, this big city is also very affordable. It also ranks well for socializing and low crime.

Denver is a favorite retirement spot for those who prefer active lifestyle over simply sitting around knitting or playing chess. Known for the amazing outdoors and incredibly beautiful surroundings, Denver is the place to be if you want to spend your senior years hiking, trekking, or enjoying pretty much any other recreational activity.

After all, Denver does boast over 200 public parks and 28 recreation centers. Not to mention the almost therapeutic view of the gorgeous Rocky Mountains, visible from any point in the city. Denver also has a milder climate compared to the rest of Colorado.

In addition, Denver, being a big city, offers a lot in terms of culture and socialization. It has a number of terrific theaters, music halls, great coffee shops and, of course, a world-renowned craft beer culture. Denver has 25 hospitals, many of which are actually highly regarded research institutions. Finally, it is a highly affordable place, unusual for a city of its size.

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