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Top 21 Cities And Towns To Move To In Canada

Regina, Saskatchewan
Photo credit: RobertCiavarro / Flickr

2. Regina, Saskatchewan

Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan and the second largest city in the province (right after Saskatoon). It is also the 16th largest city in Canada. Despite the generally positive immigration atmosphere, not many immigrants choose Regina as their new home. There have been numerous investments in different sectors, which have boosted the economy in Regina and created a number of new jobs.

The result is that the city now experiences a serious labor shortage, which sounds rather attractive to people who want to move to the city. If you plan on going there, remember that Regina has humid continental climate – yup, that means that winters get very cold, dry, and windy. January temperatures usually range between -2 and -10 degrees Celsius, but don’t be surprised to see them dropping to a mind-freezing -40 degrees.

As far as public transport is concerned, the city recommends using the public transit as a good way to save money. Using the bus system costs about $750 a year while owning and driving a car can cost thousands of dollars a year. Moreover, you can apply for the Federal Tax Credit to help you with transit.

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