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Top 21 Cities And Towns To Move To In Canada

Toronto, OntarioPhoto credit: Hobolens / Flickr

Canada has a lot of opportunities for those moving within the country as well as those immigrating to it. Some of the top-rated cities in the world are in Canada. The environment is relatively clean and pure compared to the rest of the world, and the long winters are offset by plenty of recreational and cultural opportunities.

If you’re looking to live in the land of the maple leaf, here are the top 21 cities to move to in Canada. Each one of them has something, and often more than just one thing, to love.

1. Toronto, Ontario

The city of Toronto is most certainly one of the top destinations for pretty much all newcomers to Canada. This shouldn’t strike you as such a surprise, seeing as it’s one of the most diverse cities in the country and has nearly 3 million residents. It is regarded as both the financial and commercial capital of Canada and it homes about 40% of the country’s business HQs, as well as the largest banks. Toronto is also the capital of the Province of Ontario and the city is situated on the north shore of the beautiful Lake Ontario.

We really haven’t heard of anyone moving to Toronto solely because of the city’s weather, as it features a huge difference between the two opposite seasons. There are warm summers and those long, cold winters that seem to last forever. Still, the climate is considered moderate in Canada because of its southern location.

The city of Toronto and the other cities and towns nearby are very well connected by public transportation, including the subway, buses, the RT, streetcars. All of these are governed by the Toronto Transit Commission. Both the locals and the visitors will certainly never be bored in this versatile city, and if you’re on the spiritual side, there are many different places of worship in Toronto where you can get in touch with your religious beliefs.

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