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Top 15 Small Cities In Maryland

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2. Waldorf

With a population of 67,752, as stated by City Data, and median housing prices at $262.400, this small city of US 301 is a destination for those wanting to escape the Washington, D.C. crowds and hubbub. CNN Money ranked this city as #20 out of 100 of the best places to live in the United States. It claims that there is a welcoming vibe and safe streets within this community.

However, according to Area Vibes, the crime index is 1% higher than the state and national averages. Though this is not a major difference, it pushed the livability rating down to a 76 out of 100 score. This site rates the city above average in the education department with high graduation rates, giving families a strong attraction to this small city.

Weather is temperate for the location with average July temperatures of 85.2 degrees and 26.1 in January. This small city experiences all 4 seasons of the year with good chances of snow in the winter, according to City Data. Many residents enjoy the snowfall while others consider it a great hindrance, as they must commute back and forth to DC on the icy roads and in the wintry weather.

Waldorf is not lacking in its amenities as the St. Charles Towne Center features plenty of popular shopping and dining establishments. Actually, CNN Money states that Waldorf is one of the major retail locations in the area.

The biggest attraction to this city is its location to Baltimore and DC, but there is a stable housing market and a positive employment market too as listed by Area Vibes. Also, local entertainment and attractions include Dr. Samuel A Mudd house Museum and Pocket Change, a small amusement park and the Pinefield Community Park. These social, community venues are quite attractive to families with or without young children.

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