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Top 20 Reasons Houston Is Better Than Dallas

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4. Houston Really has More Millionaires

Although folks in Dallas won’t even go to the grocery store with makeup, there’s actually more millionaire citizens in Houston. Houston regularly makes the Wall Street Journal’s list of top 10 cities with the richest residents, and the per capita income for Houstonians averages $4000 higher than those folks up north.

In 2012, the city had 23 of the Fortune 500 companies, compared to Dallas, which only had nine. The trend persisted in the following years too, so as both cities millionaire population continues to grow, Houston’s seems to grow slightly faster. And this doesn’t just apply to the city proper. In fact, Houston suburbs have more Fortune 500 companies than those in Dallas, and that says a lot, considering that pretty much everyone in America thinks that Dallas suburbs are made of millionaires, billionaires and their trophy wives. Not to say they’re not – just that Houston has more of them. The bottom line is – both cities are not lacking in the filthy rich residents department and mega-successful companies. But the facts are facts, and they’re saying clearly that Houston is richer.

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