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Top 20 Reasons Houston Is Better Than Dallas

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Ever wonder why so many people simply think that Houston is better than Dallas? Well, for two cities a mere 240 miles apart, they certainly boast a major rivalry concerning whose city is tops in Texas. Here are 20 ways Houston surpasses Dallas. Don’t forget to post a comment below if you agree (or maybe disagree) with us!

1. More People Call Houston Home

According to the US Census Bureau, when considering residents within proper city limits, Houston boasts nearly 1 million more people than the not so big D. Population estimates for 2012 in Houston reach just over 2.1 million citizens while Dallas struggles to retain just over 1.2 million. And statistics aside, it seems that more and more people not just want to move to Houston, but actually prefer this city over its main Texas rival. Houston is also more appealing to different ethnicities and it’s definitely more diverse.

It is estimated that some 80 different languages are spoken in this city, which is pretty impressive and certainly helps Houston’s reputation as a vibrant, diverse and friendly city. It is actually more ethnically diverse than New York City and Los Angeles, according to 2012 research by Kinder Institute of Urban Research. And it’s not just the city proper – two of its major neighborhoods have been classified as the most diverse in the region. The most numerous community are the Latinos (the second largest ethnicity in the city), followed by African and Asian communities.

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