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Top 21 Reasons Dallas Is Better Than Houston

14. Weather
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2. Better Quality Air

Houston is widely regarded as a synonym for filthy air and there are even people who would go as far as to call it the Armpit of Texas. This is mostly because of the huge amounts of concentrated, ozone-laced air pollution that stem from the city’s large industry zones.

While automobile pollution was long thought of as the main culprit, it seems that natural gas production is actually what’s causing all the chaos in the air. The solution? People who call the shots believe that the best course of action would be to simply tell everybody to get new cars. Knowing the American mentality, this probably won’t work out as planned.

Dallas, on the other hand, meets the standards for five out of six criteria air pollutants defined by the EPA. These include lead, nitrogen dioxides, carbon monoxide, particulate matter, and sulfur dioxide (a component of acid rain). The only criterion that hasn’t been met is that concerning ozone levels. But the government is working on solving the issue and providing the people of Dallas some much-needed fresh air.

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