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Top 21 Reasons Dallas Is Better Than Houston

15. Sports
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Everyone knows that Dallas and Houston are the biggest rivals in Texas. A mere 240 miles separate these cities, but their cultural, economic and social differences set Dallas and Houston a million miles apart. There are also millions of reasons why Dallas is better than Houston, so we have decided to compile a list of those reasons. Be sure to share your opinion with us in the comments below!

1. A Great Sports Scene

When it comes to sports, Americans love nothing more than to brag about the number of professional teams their town has given the world. They carefully monitor all the games their teams participate in and vividly support them, especially when it comes to home matches. As far as this is concerned, Dallas is no exception and boasts the number of sports played in the city.

As regards football, you can always count on The Dallas Cowboys to deliver a fine game; if you’re a hockey fan, be sure to be in the crowd when the Dallas Stars of the NHL play; Dallas Mavericks is a famous basketball team while FC Dallas has soccer covered. And of course, where would the city be without baseball? Dallas excels in that field too with the Texas Rangers baseball team.

Not only that but these teams are actually rather successful when it comes to scoring some big prizes as well. Dallas can put a lot of trophies on its shelves, including the Super Bowl, NBA, Stanley Cup, and American Baseball League awards. Let’s not forget NASCAR, Indy racing, and the 200 golf courses the city offers to avid gold fans. Houston, for instance, has only 165.

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