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Top 21 Most European Cities in the US

Photo credit: callmekato / Flickr

3. Boston, MA

Depending on the part of Boston you go to and talk to its residents, you will get two very different kinds of answers when you ask them if they think Boston should be considered “European”. Some of them will tell you that Boston is all red, white and blue (while probably hitting you in the face) while others will acknowledge the fact that it often does feel very European.

A big part of Boston’s Euro vibe is its long history. It is one of the very oldest cities in the U.S., dating back to the first half of 17th century when it was founded by English Puritan settlers. Its role in American history is also very well-known and it all contributes to that European feel where history envelops everything in a certain patina.

The fact that Boston sort of sprawled from the old city center is another European feature, as are many of the building found in this beautiful city. Like in many European cities, residents tend to rely on public transport as opposed to the “more American” way of driving absolutely everywhere.

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