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Top 21 Small Cities In Virginia

11. Gordonsville

Located just outside of Charlottesville in Central Virginia, Gordonsville is the epitome of the quaint little southern town. It is also home to the famous Exchange Hotel which houses the Civil War museum.

However, the Exchange Hotel has a colorful history in itself. Travelers on the Alexandria Railroad and the Virginia Central Railroad sought respite there under its high ceilings in the parlors and relaxed on the grand veranda.
Later it was turned into a hospital where more than 70.000 Union and Confederate soldiers received care.

The Shenandoah Crossing Resort is a favorite of travelers offering cabins, rooms in the main house and even yurts. It is located near shopping, dining and several wineries. It is a great get away whether you just need somewhere to set up your base for touring and sightseeing or if you want to kick back, relax and recharge.

The population of Gordonsville is 1,529 and is 100 percent rural. It is a part of the Journey through Hallowed Ground, a scenic, historic region rich in orchards, forests, farms, rolling hills, rivers and streams, mountain views and woodlands.

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