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Top 20 Small Cities In Tennessee


When you think of Tennessee, you think of two cities in particular – Memphis and Nashville. The music and the history of those cities alone is enough for an entire state, but there’s actually a lot more to this great southern state.

Tennessee has much more to offer, especially when you look at the smaller, more suburban and rural cities. There’s a lot to see in Tennessee outside the two music capitals. Here are 20 great smaller cities in Tennessee that you might not know about, but you should investigate further.

1. Tellico Plains

If you take a peak deep into the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, you might be able to see Tellico Plains. It’s an incredibly small community, there are only about 900 people living there. The view from this little town is absolutely incredible. Not only are you in the mountains, but you are also surrounded by the gorgeous Cherokee National Forest.

It’s simply a sight to behold. If you are into outdoor activities like hiking, then you will absolutely love this little town. It’s also an incredibly place to be if you are into hunting, boating, fishing and many other outdoor activities. It’s an incredibly popular destination for seasoned backpackers.

Deeper into the forest, the Bald River Falls cascades almost 100 feet. Take a walk around the falls and stop for a picnic, or watch it from your vehicle on the road. The view is spectacular.

There are still vestiges of Appalachian mountain tradition that is still apparent and walking through this small town takes you back to a simpler time. Tennessee Vacations shows that there is an abundance of things to do there.

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