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Top 21 Reasons Toronto Is Better Than Montreal

Food Diversity
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2. Food Diversity

Nowhere else in the nation will you find so many restaurants representing so many different ethnicities on virtually every street. Montreal has standard North American fare and French cuisine, and that’s about it. Your taste buds will be happier in Toronto.

Toronto is definitely more diversified than any other city in Canada, including Montreal. There are more different ethnic communities there, each with their own culture and cuisine. Can you imagine how amazing it is to live in a city where you can eat literally any kind of food imaginable?

Montreal is like the United Nations of food. You want pho? You got it. You are craving some delicious Uzbekistani treat for dessert? No problem, here’s the address of a restaurant. This is really important for any serious foodie out there. Nowadays food is not just something we need to stay alive. It’s a culture that needs to be nurtured and appreciated and, in Toronto, it definitely is.

We are not saying that Montreal doesn’t have any good food. In fact, it has some amazing local dishes, no one’s denying that. But Toronto gives you a much bigger choice.

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