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Top 21 Reasons Toronto Is Better Than Montreal

Warm Weather
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Toronto and Montreal are rival cities. Their rivalry is about more than just hockey (though that is a large part of it). It is also about quality of life, city offerings, food, environmentalism, and just plain how much better in every way one city is over the other. It is true that Toronto and Montreal are both very different places.

Montreal has a more European vibe going, while Toronto is thoroughly North American. Though both cities like to boast about being the best of the two, which one really is the best in every way? If we’re doing a comparison, Toronto has to take the prize. Here are the top 21 reasons why Toronto is better than Montreal.

1. Warm Weather

Montreal is farther north, so it gets much colder in the winter than Toronto. Toronto’s winter weather is seasonable and quite similar to that of the New England area in the United States. It doesn’t become a land of frozen tundra when the cold months come like Montreal.

Winters in Canada can be rough for those who are not used to the climate. So if you are coming from a warmer region in the world, you should definitely go for Toronto instead of Montreal. Montreal can be really, really cold. People even sometimes use the word “severely” to describe how cold it is.

If you ask Montreal residents about it, they will say it’s no big deal and you’ll get used to it. But it’s not a question of getting used to the cold weather, it’s about the facts and the statistics, which are clear when it comes to comparing the average winter temperatures in the two cities. Toronto is definitely warmer than Montreal. Sometimes, the difference is only slight but even that can be a big thing during long winter months.

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