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Top 21 Reasons Liverpool Is Better Than Manchester

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7. Shopping

Both Liverpool and Manchester offer some amazing shopping options and while there may be some aspects where Manchester may actually be ahead of Liverpool, there are still quite a few reasons why every savvy shopper would choose Liverpool over their friends up the M62.

For one, Liverpool city center is much more compact than Manchester’s. There is less ground to cover when going from shop to shop and this is something that most shoppers value. There is nothing worse than having to walk miles till you reach the next shop. Liverpool also has everything you might need when it comes to shopping, including some amazing independent shops that offer amazing articles at even more amazing prices.

In addition to this, Liverpool offers better “background” for shopping, with street performers, people chatting away everywhere you look and with the waterfront and Albert Dock providing incredible vistas during your shopping spree. For free. That even rhymed. Take that Manchester shopping!

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