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Top 21 Reasons Liverpool Is Better Than Manchester

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2. The Beatles

To tell the truth, we could have left this entry at just that: The Beatles. They are that important. The Beatles changed the way music is done. They changed pop music forever. They put down innumerable standards against which we still compare pop music. Some people may think that this is not true, but it is. The effect the Beatles had on the world of music and culture in general is immeasurable.

The four guys were all from Liverpool and they were always proud to come from Liverpool. It is a city that seeped its way into their music and that made the Beatles what they are. No other city in the world could have given birth to the Beatles and there is no discussion there. If not for them, who knows what music would have been like in the 20th and the first portion of the 21st centuries?

Sure, Manchester has been doing fairly well music-wise, but still, none of their bands has truly changed the world. What’s more, it is probably a good thing.

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