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Top 21 Reasons Liverpool Is Better Than Manchester

Mersey Ferry aproaches the Liverpool Waterfront with flag at high mast!-flickr-jimmedia
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The rivalry between two biggest North West English cities has been going on for centuries. People from Liverpool will tell you that their city beats Manchester in every conceivable way, while Mancunians will just scoff at this idea, pointing out why their city is superior.

Today, we are siding with the Scousers and we are giving you a whole list of reasons why Liverpool is a better city than Manchester, in more ways than one. So, sit back, relax and become a Liverpudlian. At least for a day.

1. Liverpool Has A Famous River

Mersey is a river of legends. In England, it is second only to the Thames and it has become more than just a mere river. It is a river that contributed to Liverpool becoming one of the major cities in the country. It is a river that has given its name to the whole region called Merseyside and it is a river that is an inseparable part of Liverpool.

The river also gave its name to something called Merseybeat, a genre of music that was popularized by four guys you may have heard of called the Beatles. It was immortalized in the song Ferry Cross the Mersey and it found its way into the anthology of Liverpool poetry called The Mersey Sound. As if this was not enough, Mersey is considered to be sacred by the British Hindu population, just like the river Ganges.

And for Manchester? Well, they do have that canal they built. Sometimes when nature does not provide, you have to make do yourself. The results are rarely legendary, however.

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