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Top 21 Small Cities In Arizona

3. Jerome

Jerome, Arizona has an infamous past and was considered one of the most violent towns of the Old West when it was a mining town for copper. According to the town’s official tourism website, four incredible fires have ravaged this city over its history and yet the town rebuilt itself each time it was destroyed.

Called “America’s Most Vertical City” on its official website, the town sits at an elevation of around 4,948 feet. Amusingly, the town’s website claims that the elevation is actually 5,200 feet, but that’s probablk2y taking into account the significant hills on which the town was built.

Real estate agents might label the price of homes in Jerome as a little higher than average when compared to some of the other “best” small towns of Arizona, but the higher prices seem appropriate given the beautiful views the residents of this hilltop town have.

Real estate website Trulia pegged the average price of recently sold homes around $223,500; however, the average price of homes for sale in town sits above $450,000. There are even a few properties for sale in town that reach and breach a $1 million price tag.

One of the places tourists tend to visit when they’re in town is Jerome State Historic Park. The official website for the park recently revealed that the beautiful Douglas Mansion got a new paint job and some refurbishment. The mansion was originally built in 1916 by a local mine owner.

Despite its high elevation, the weather in Jerome gets fairly warm in the summers. The Weather Channel suggests the average high in July is 91, and the rest of the summer features average highs in the high 80s. The winters aren’t that cold and seem to hover in the 50s, with lows rarely touching the freezing point, even during the coldest months of the year.

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