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Top 21 Small Cities In Arizona

Arizona features some of the most amazing sights in North America such as the Grand Canyon and Tombstone, a city made infamous by Western legends like Wyatt Earp. From the cactus-filled Sonoran Desert in the south to the northern mountains covered in pine trees and snow, the state is as culturally dynamic as it is beautiful.

Massive cities and metropolitan areas like Phoenix boast millions of people, but finding small, quaint towns in Arizona isn’t too difficult.

These are the top 21 small cities and towns in Arizona:

1. Paradise Valley

Known as Arizona’s premiere location for holiday retreats, Paradise Valley features an upscale population. AZ Central reports that the valley is a popular spot for celebrities, including famous actors like David Spade and Emma Stone as well as singers like Bret Michaels. Sports figures such as Mike Tyson and former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner also call this town their home.

The town’s business directory lists several luxury resorts in the area, including DoubleTree Resort, the luxurious Montelucia Resort & Spa, the SmokeTree Resort, and the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain, just to name a few. Living in Paradise Valley almost feels like you’re blessed with a permanent vacation in the lap of luxury.

According to the last census figures compiled by the United States Census Bureau in 2012, Paradise Valley had a population of about 13,100. However, according to data gathered by CNN Money, the population of the town has grown to just over 15,000.

As one of the wealthiest cities in Arizona, the exclusive enclave boasts some incredibly high real estate prices, so living in Paradise will cost you a pretty penny. Real estate website Trulia reports a recent average selling price of over $1.3 million for homes sold in the area. Although these prices haven’t returned to their $2 million average, as reported by Trulia in 2008 and 2009, the real estate market has been on a warming trend for a few years now.

According to the city’s official town history, Paradise Valley began as a humble area of cattle farmers in the late 1800’s, but settlement after World War II boosted the population as non-farming families started moving into the area. It wasn’t until the 1990’s, however, that the luxury homes and resort lifestyle started to infuse the town with luxury and exclusivity.

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