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Top 12 Cities to Get the Best Barbeque

While hamburgers are thought of as an American original, many foodies will willingly take the stand to testify to the fact they consider barbeque the quintessential national food. While roots in a cowboy tradition add to the mystique of this favorite, it is the taste that makes it a popular choice throughout the country.

There is a continuing debate about the many varieties of this delicacy as to which is best, and each region and many cities will argue they have the top product. If you want to join in the discussion, here’s a collection of what we call the Barbeque Dining Dozen, twelve cities that lay claim to the best and the top spot for dining on barbeque. We won’t argue about the ranking – it’s a proud BBQ tradition to defend your own favorites.

1. Fayetteville, Arkansas – Sassy’s Red House

Of course, the home of the Hogs has to be on the list for its pulled pork and original sauce developed way back in 1895. As with most local Arkansas barbeque, this meat is all hickory-smoked.

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