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Top 20 Small Cities In Texas

2. Rockport

Rockport is one of the smallest places on our list, even though it is a county seat. The Aransas County seat has a population of under 9,000, which means that it is one truly tiny town and not just by Texan standards. Its history also didn’t promise much as it was founded in 1870 to be a port where cattle would be slaughtered, packaged and shipped to other parts of the state and the country.

Rockport is probably most famous for its town beach, which is also the most visited attraction in the city. The local government does everything in its power to make this beach a truly great place to visit and they have succeeded in this to a great extent. It is an especially exciting place for families with children.

The town also features the Maritime Museum, the Fulton Mansion and a whole throng of art galleries and shops all housed in historic buildings in the town center. In addition to this, Rockport hosts annual Seafair, Wine Festival and Oysterfest. We would also be remiss not to mention that the town and its surroundings are mecca for ornithologists and bird watchers.

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