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Top 20 Small Cities In Texas


Almost everything about Texas is big. It is a big state, its cities are big, with big people live in big houses on big properties. When you go to restaurants in Texas, you get big portions and the biggest steaks you can imagine. We are not being nasty or anything, but even people in Texas seem to be a bit bigger than in the rest of the country.

However, as every real Texan will tell you, the true spirit of this big state is in its smaller cities and towns that have been around for a long time and where the atmosphere of a different America can still be felt in the air and in the ground. These are the places we are talking about today – the best small places in Texas.

1. Nacogdoches

Besides being a real handful to spell, Nacogdoches is also the oldest city in all of Texas, with a population of barely over 32,000. It is also the county seat of the Nacogdoches County and one very special little city.

It was originally a Spanish settlement, populated by mostly missionaries who were looking to baptize the Native American peoples living in the area at the time. It transitioned perfectly to an American city, blending its unique Spanish heritage with the hospitality for which the southern U.S. is famous for.

For a city of such a tiny size, Nacogdoches is sure packed with things to see, mostly historic monuments and sights of interest, such as the Oak Grove Cemetery, the Stone Fort, Old Stone Fort Museum, the Old University Building, Camp Tonkawa, Durst Taylor House and the Hotel Fredonia.

If you are visiting this gorgeous little city for the first time, your first stop should definitely be the Nacogdoches Historic Town Center and Visitors Center where you will be able to best plan out your stay.

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