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Top 13 Small Cities In Missouri

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3. Nixa

Missouri’s Annual Performance Report notes that Nixa is the best town for young families to live in the entire state; in fact, Nixa earned this distinction with a 100% score.

According to the Nixa index, it is also one of the fastest growing cities in the state with the population growing by over 350% in just the last two decades. Given the fact that the city had only about 500 residents in the 1950s, it is amazing that today Nixa is home to over 19,000 residents.

Nixa is known for having one of the best public school districts in the state, having received the “Accredited with Distinction in Performance” award by Missouri’s Department of Elementary & Secondary Education 10 years running. Due to a variety of industries in the area, the town offers more opportunities for employment than other areas. Currently, the school district, healthcare industries, manufacturing plants and retail outlets are some of the city’s main employers.

In a recent poll, Nixa voted to become a Home Rule city, which is yet another plus in its favor. According to the city’s official website, this form of government gives the city’s residents more governance and control over city affairs that have a direct effect on their livelihood.

Nixa’s roots go back to the 1800’s when traders and farmers began settling in the area. As the city was a mere half day horse ride from Springfield, Nixa became a popular stopover site for travelers passing through the region. The city received its unusual name from Nicholas A. Inman, a blacksmith who contributed much to the development of the town. Many of his descendants still live in the area today. A 2010 Census reveals that of the current population, almost 95% are of European descent.

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