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Top 21 Hipster Friendly Cities In The US


Identifying a city as a particularly hipster-friendly one is not an easy task. There are so many things to be factored in, often including that very elusive “hipster atmosphere,” that it often turns out to be an almost impossible undertaking.

That being said, there are definitely quite a few American cities that are far friendlier towards the hipster population, in the sense that they better support the hipster lifestyle. Here is our choice of 21 most hipster-friendly cities in the U.S.

1. Portland, Oregon

Did you really think our list would not feature Portland – the Hipster Mecca of the United States? Maybe in some ironic hipster twist we could have left it out, but that is not the point of this list. The point of it is to let everyone know which U.S. cities are particularly hipster-friendly and there is no denying that Portland, Oregon is one such city.

To put things mildly, Portland is ridiculously hipster-friendly. Everywhere you look, there are young men boasting insane amounts of facial hair and young women showing off their grandma’s clothes in the true hipster fashion.

Portland is also a city that understands why the environment is important and you can feel that on every corner. The city boasts a food scene that is so hipster it almost hurts. Everyone buys their stuff at farmer’s markets and there is no shortage of tech-savvy people roaming the streets of Portland.

There is a good reason why Portland Hipster is an expression.

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