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Top 11 Cities For Starting Over

11. Greenwich, CT (pop. 62,256)
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The top cities for starting over are not going to be the same for everyone. Families with children like different places than young singles, who look for different things than adults who are retiring. Some people like quiet towns, some noisy cities. Some like stability, some excitement and change.

We have chosen 11 cities in this article for characteristics that match different types of people. They are organized from the smallest town to the largest city (excluding suburbs).

11. Greenwich, CT (pop. 62,256)

Greenwich is one of the highest-income cities in the country, making it a good place to live for people with money. Its wealth value rates at $930,000 per person (including value of properties). Average price for a home in 2006 was $1.7 million. Its economic base is in financial services. The town has its own symphony orchestra and choral society, plus eight country clubs with golf courses.

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